Our Value Proposition

Did you know? An estimated 75% of travelers are more likely to book a hotel stay after they've experienced a virtual tour (source: Google Research 2015). At UnoMiru, we understand the challenges faced by hoteliers and restaurateurs in today's hyper-competitive market. Our user-friendly platform not only showcases the best of your establishment with immersive 360-degree virtual tours but also streamlines the booking process, and strengthens customer engagement.

Furthermore, we recognize the environmental impact of traditional business practices in the hospitality industry. Therefore, UnoMiru proudly adopts eco-friendly initiatives, promoting sustainable business models that contribute to the growth and development of our shared community.

Fun fact: Around 90% of millennials consider virtual reality integration in their travel research process as an important factor when choosing where to stay (source: Forbes 2018). UnoMiru envisions a holistic approach to hospitality, merging innovation, creativity, and sustainability, to pave the way for an unforgettable travel experience. Come explore the future with us, and let's embark on a journey where technology and comfort blend seamlessly. Together, we will redefine hospitality—a VR booking at a time!

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Tailored Virtual Experience

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About UnoMiru

Welcome to UnoMiru—your gateway to the future of hospitality with our cutting-edge 360-degree virtual reality booking software. Our mission is to revolutionize the hospitality and hotel industry in the UAE and beyond, through seamless integration of the latest technology and immersive experiences. At UnoMiru, we're passionate about innovation, driven by perfection, and committed to elevating your stay to extraordinary heights.

Our journey started with one simple question: "What if every traveler could experience a virtual tour of their dream destination before booking?" This curiosity led us to create our groundbreaking VR booking software, redefining the way you discover and explore the finest hotels and restaurants in the UAE.

Our team is a diverse family of creative, dynamic, and like-minded individuals, bound by the pursuit of excellence. We are constantly researching and collaborating with industry experts to ensure that our software remains at the forefront of VR breakthroughs. The diverse backgrounds of our team members, hailing from various corners of the globe, add a much-needed touch of personalization to each project we undertake. Integration of technology in the hotel and restaurant industry is no longer a novelty; it is an expectation. And at UnoMiru, we strive to exceed those expectations every day.

UnoMiru VR 360 Tour of Incredible India

UnoMiru World Tour

UnoMiru Scope & Sectors

  • UnoMiru PRO

    For Premium Residential Properties

  • UnoMiru HOT

    For Luxury Hotel Properties

  • UnoMiru FAB

    For Fine Dining Properties

  • UnoMiru ACE

    For Co-Working Spaces & Lounges

  • UnoMiru LUXE

    For Luxury Yacht & Cruise Lines

  • UnoMiru LIV

    For Multibrand Car Showrooms

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